The Most Flexible
URL Shortening Platform
Clkim let's you advertise to your users directly.

With Clkim you can extract more value from the links you share online, social, sms or email.

Smart Redirects

Automatically redirect users based on smart contextual triggers.

Mobile Operating System

Send users to the relevant landing page based on their mobile operating system.

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Redirect users to localized destinations based on their geo location.

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Destination A/B Testing

Split traffic between 2 destination & learn which destination converts better.

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Retargeting on Click

With Clkim, you can easily build custom lists of those that have clicked on your short links. Say goodbye to placing pixels on landing pages, websites, etc. Perfect when driving traffic to sites where you cannot place pixels.

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Clkim key features

Simplified for ease of use. Built for scale. Discover Clkim's core features

Looks great on any device

Clkim links are fully compatible and ready to work on any platform or device. The full page interstitial ads are wrapped in responsive code and will auto adjust to fit any screen.

  • Desktop & laptop ready
  • Optimized for Tablet and iPad
  • All mobile phones supported
  • Auto responsive
  • Cross browser

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Very easy to customize

Clkim's advanced link management platform allows you to easily customize how each link will look & behave.


Easily choose how each link will redirect & edit destinations.


Easily add your tracking or retargeting pixels to each link.


Track where your traffic is coming from, and prove ROI of your marketing spend.


Optimize the open graph meta tags for each of your links.

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Setup a Branded Domain in 2 minutes

Choose & purchase your branded domain from within our dashboard. Our system will automatically bind your domain with your account so you can start shortening in no time.

Already have a domain? No problem. Point your domain to our servers and begin building your branded links with us.

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Full Page Interstitial Ads

Elegantly monetize your links with full page interstitial ads that are 100% controllable. Increase your premium ad inventory - get more impressions out of your traffic.

  • Brandable top bar
  • Setup campaigns for the entire account
  • Target ads by platform, device, geo & time
  • Override campaigns at link level
  • Rotate unlimited campaigns on each link
  • Set adblock fallbacks
  • Sell your traffic to our RTB partners

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Easy to read Analytics

We've designed our analytics so that they provide you with exactly the information you need. No more, no less.
Our analytics provides our users with actionable data that helps them improve their marketing effort to yield better engagement and results.

  • Referrer tracking
  • Click tracking
  • Geo reports
  • Device insights

Discover what websites your traffic is coming from, which links are most effective & how impactful your marketing efforts have been .

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Powerful Integrations

We are strong believers in automation. As a Clkim user you will have the privilage to use advanced automation tools that will shorten, share and monetize your content without effort.

Easily integrate Clkim into any website or blog. Use our API to build custom scripts.

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Full support ( 24/7 services )

Fully documneted knowledgebase, 24/7 email support.
Contact us with any questions or hesitations you may have!

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$ 10/m
  • Branded Links
  • Smart Redirects not included
  • Retargeting not included
  • Link Monetization not included
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$ 100/m
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